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Re: Famiglia Bellomo di Bari

MessaggioInviato: mercoledì 20 maggio 2020, 19:37
da VictorIII
Once you speak to your friend just let me know if you want any more news.
It's interesting to see even in the 1619 apprezzo the likely progenitors of the many Bellomo in the centuries to follow are "at sea" even then:
1619 Capi Famiglia: Francesco Bel'Homo a. 50 marinaro. Gioseppe Bel'Homo a. 35 forese et marinaro. Cola de Bel'Homo a. 40 marinaro
Then by 1636: Domenico Bel'Homo a. 50, marinaro, Francesco Bel'Homo a. 30 marinaro, Gioseppe Bel'Homo, a. 25 marinaro, Gioseppe Belhomo a. 33 marinaro, Giovanni de Bel'Homo a. 30 marinaro. ... surely producing many of the branches found in the history of the merchant sailors of Bari in the following years.

Before your friend may continue a deeper research in Bari, we would conclude some relevant macro news - the family was surely in Bari since at least the beginning of the 1600s and were especially notable for their increase in fortunes by the XVII secolo from their trading by sea.

very best wishes cari saluti